We stay cool and age gracefully.  We are sexy and smart men and women of all ages. Respect, patience intelligence, experience  and dignity are all core values to us.  We don’t have to prove ourselves. We already have. 

We are altruistic and want to serve and “give back”  to society and to the planet.  Class, integrity, philanthropy, compassion and stewardship are all built into our DNA.

But we are also social animals.  We come in all shapes, sizes and ages.  We want to bond with other Silver Foxes, both male and female, and get out of the “Den” now and then.  

Basic Membership includes

1. Priority admission to networking events and cultivated experiences.

2. Career guidance and resume support.

3. Access to our network of Silver Fox Mentors and Cubs and our online community (with Help Wanted and For Sale /Rent programs)

4. Discounted group rates on products and services with approved vendors.

The Nominator
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The Silver Fox
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Silver Fox's Name
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Silver Fox's Phone Number
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