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Hats For Good

Hats for Good is a simple way for you to support charities all over the world.

For every hat sold, we donate $10 to the charity of your choice.

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We are a global community changing the way we invest in people and organizations. Hats for Good, sponsored by the Silver Fox Club, was created with a spirit of compassion and love. We believe in giving back through the power of community.


We donate $10 of each purchase to a charity of your choice:

Animal Clinic of New York (

Shanti Bhavan Children's Project (

American Voices YES Academy (

Woodstock Film Festival (

Woodstock Comedy Festival (

The Giulio Gari Foundation (

Ballet Tech (

Max's Kansas City (

Mindleaps (

           The California Copyright Conference               (

The Tyler Robinson Foundation (

The Displaced Kitchen's Cookbook (

The Clark Hulings Fund (

Charity: Water (

Ripple Effect Artists (

Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control(


The Creative Music Studio (

French Woods Scholarship Fund (

The Actors' Temple Special Fund (

World Hunger Year (


Meals On Wheels (

Doctors Without Borders (

Anything You Think Can Happen (

The Underground Center (

The Suffering The Silence Community (

 Senhoa Foundation (

Grind For Good (

Paris Press (