Hi, My name is Dan Schneider...

I am the head of a non-profit charity called Flobel.org, based in New York City. At Flobel, we connect people, support intergenerational mentoring, and encourage entrepreneurship.  We have programs throughout the U.S, and over 700 advisers around the world. For more information, visit www.Flobel.org.

We are currently launching an exciting new “triple bottom line” subsidiary, called 'The Silver Fox Club,' and we’re looking for strategic partners to work with us to roll out this new concept.

A member of the Silver Fox Club (or SFC for short) has access to his or her personal HUMAN concierge who will help find your next doctor, your wildest dream event or your next vacation spot. Need tech support? Design services? Looking for advice from an expert? SFC members won’t spend their time trying to search the internet for what they need- that’s what their SFC Concierge is for. SFC Concierges are trained professionals who will focus on member’s needs and find the answers. Our Concierges aren’t virtual- they’re real people trained to help our members find what they need. The Company will also have access to Flobel’s network of 700+ worldwide advisers for personal services, advice and recommendations.

Members will join SFC and pay for services as they need them. We have the trademarks, the business plan, worldwide experts and advisers. Our trained, professional Concierges are ready to start helping SFC members. We are ready to roll out the Silver Fox Club.

But- We need a strategic business partner to help us develop the company. We need your marketing expertise, your business experience, your skill in growing a company as well as a contribution to startup costs. We’re a non-profit helping people connect and help each other. We needfor-profit partners to realize this for-profit business.

If you’re interested in becoming our partner and would like more information, please contact me at dan@silverfoxclub.org. 



“Support the Human Race.

Hire a Human , not a Robot

People, Planet, Profits “