Hats for Good is a simple way for you to support charities all over the world.

For every hat sold, we donate $10 to the charity of your choice.


We are a global community changing the way we invest in people and organizations. Hats for Good, founded by Dan Schneider and Charlotte Pfahl, was created with a spirit of compassion, love, and a desire for a community effort in giving. We donate $10 of each purchase to a charity of your choice.

    Each hat costs $25 with $10 going to one of the below charities:

    Shanti Bhavan Children's Project (ShantiBhavanChildren.org)

    American Voices YES Academy (YesAcademy.info)

    Woodstock Film Festival (www.woodstockfilmfestival.org)

    Woodstock Comedy Festival (www.woodstockcomedyfestival.org)

    The Giulio Gari Foundation (www.giuliogari.org)

    Ballet Tech (www.ballettech.org)

    Max's Kansas City (www.maxskansascity.org)

    Mindleaps (www.mindleaps.org)

               The California Copyright Conference               (www.theccc.org/ccc-scholarship-fund)

    The Tyler Robinson Foundation (www.trf.org)

    The Displaced Kitchen's Cookbook (www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-displaced-kitchens-cookbook#/)

    The Clark Hulings Fund (www.clarkhulingsfund.org)

    Charity: Water (www.charitywater.org)

    Ripple Effect Artists (www.rippleeffectartists.com)

    Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control(www.animalcare.lacounty.gov

    AWARENESS, Inc. (www.awarenessinc.org)

    The Creative Music Studio (www.creativemusic.org)

    French Woods Scholarship Fund (http://hfwaa.org/)

    The Actors' Temple Special Fund (actorstemple.flobel.org/)

    World Hunger Year (https://whyhunger.org/)

    UNICEF (https://www.unicef.org/)

    Meals On Wheels (https://americaletsdolunch.org/)

    Doctors Without Borders (http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/)

    Anything You Think Can Happen (www.anythingyouthinkcanhappen.org)

    The Underground Center (http://www.theundergroundcenter.org)

    The Suffering The Silence Community (http://www.sufferingthesilence.com/)

     Senhoa Foundation (https://www.senhoa.org/)

    Grind For Good (http://www.grindarts.com/giving-to-grind/)

    Paris Press (www.Parispress.org/

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