New Positive Aging Summit Aims to Create Alternative Narratives & Tools for Encore Careers for Baby Boomers and Beyond

I Can Still Do That Foundation to Host Silver Fox Summit in NYC Sept. 21

NEW YORK, New York – New York City-based I Can Still Do That Foundation will host The Silver Fox Summit, a meeting of leaders in the Positive Aging Movement who seek to create alternative narratives and tools in a new roadmap for Encore Careers for Baby Boomers and Beyond. The sold-out Silver Fox Summit will take place in New York City on Friday, September 21st from 9 AM to 5 PM at the Macaulay Honors College, 25 West 67th Street. The event is the first installment of a series and will be broadcast on Livestream for those that cannot attend. The Summit is an initiative of The I Can Still Do That Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to connect people so they can share information and empower each generation to teach the others. The Foundation has over 900 global advisors in all professional fields in NY, LA, Philly, Boston, Miami, DC, and other global cities.

The inaugural one-day Summit will provide a setting for attendees to contribute their institutional knowledge of positive aging and entrepreneurship to assist Baby Boomers and Nexters with new strategies for making a living and staying happy and healthy in the new “Gig Economy.” Topics include skill building and how to develop stronger, intergenerational professional networks, among others. The Summit will offer keynote speakers, lectures, breakout sessions and intergenerational conversations where stakeholders, leaders, and ambassadors will engage with Thought Leaders on panels. The Keynote Speaker is Dr. Paul Tasner, winner of the 2015 Encore Prize for senior entrepreneurship. The Summit will be followed by a reception where attendees can continue to network and share key learnings.

The largest generation in US history is the Baby Boomer Generation, who number in excess of 80 million. According to the Foundation’s Executive Director Dan Schneider, “every day for the next 20 years, 10,000 baby boomers can retire. However, due to many factors, they want to stay relevant; desire to be recognized, validated and utilized as a leadership and entrepreneurial vessel.”

The immersive event will also honor two leaders in the positive aging movement: Jack Kupferman, Esq., long-term President of the Gray Panthers and Shira Harrington, co-founder of Boomerworks. Gray Panthers is an organization with a storied history of ensuring the rights and programs for all who experience ageism, especially older persons and Boomerworks helps Boomers navigate the new job economy by transitioning their skills into “gig” (project-based) work in order to create long-term sustainable income.

The ultimate goal of the Silver Fox Summit is to design, develop, catapult and operationalize the launch of a sustainable business plan that will serve as the infrastructure for the Silver Fox initiative going forward. The information generated by the Summit and from its panel conversations will be captured to derive action steps for future programs and research.

One action step already being implemented is the creation of a new directory for Senior Entrepreneurs -- -- which will aggregate businesses with at least one “senior” (over 50 years old) on their management team, and provide a platform to help support them and their businesses. The intent is to connect them to an intergenerational community where they can share “best practices” and seek peer to peer advice.


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The I Can Still Do That Foundation was founded in 2003 as the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation. Founded by Florence Belsky, a pioneer, woman attorney, mentor to many and positive aging activist, the Foundation’s main programs are First Mondays, Women Who Lunch and “Pick 3”, a virtual mentoring program which connects advisors of all ages for career and personal P2P advice and business. The Foundation has over 900 global advisors in all fields and activities in NY, LA, Philly, Boston, Miami, and DC. They provide a safe place where people of all ages could be accepted, feel at home and share information. The Silver Fox Club is a new initiative which the Foundation hopes to spin off as a new non-profit to help senior entrepreneurs form intergenerational management teams, find investors and partners and create educational and peer to peer mentoring opportunities for all. Read more:


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